Coronavirus could cause these five skin conditions: Study

Coronavirus could cause these five skin conditions: Study

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A new study claims that at least five skin conditions may be triggered by coronavirus.

The Spanish Academy of Dermatology carried out research on 375 patients of the virus to better understand the dermatological effects of COVID-19. They found that most patients who had inexplicable skin ailments due to coronavirus were somewhat similar.

Based on a questionnaire, the researchers found that most patients reported five skin conditions.

Here are the five conditions that one can develop while battling COVID-19.

Vesicular eruptions

Small itchy blisters appeared in over 9 per cent of the cases. A vesicular or morbilliform eruption may be present on the buttocks, or genitalia - mostly in the lower part of the body.

The study claimed that such blisters are filled with blood and have the ability to become bigger.

Such symptoms were visible mostly in middle-aged patients and lasted for an average 10.4 days.


Livedo reticularis refers to conditions which cause mottled discolouration of the skin. It is usually described as being reticular in appearance.

Over 6 per cent cases reported this condition. This usually happens when the blood circulation in parts of skin is impaired, which causes discolouration of the skin.

In essence, it’s the premature death of skin tissues. Most patients who reported this condition were old and were severely affected by the virus.


If one has this ailment, they develop small lesions due to the inflammation of blood vessels, mostly after being exposed to cold air. Considered very painful, the lesions affect the skin on the hands and the feet. This condition is also known as pernio, perniosis, and cold-induced vascular disorder.

The researchers found that 19 per cent cases reported symptoms similar to chilblain. The patients developed red or purple spots, developed by bleeding under the skin.

Mostly seen among young patients, such symptoms lasted for an average of 12.7 days, and appeared in less severe cases.

Maculopapular rashes

These small, red bumps were found in over 47 per cent cases, the highest among all skin related ailments. Mostly found around hair follicles (roots), the condition lasted for an average of 8.6 days in patients.

This can also lead to blood spots under the skin and appeared alongside the common COVID-19 symptoms.

Only severe cases reported this condition.


A raised, itchy area of skin that is sometimes an overt sign of allergy is called a “wheal”. Sometimes this condition is also referred to as hives and welts.

This condition was found in over 19 per cent cases. In this condition, pink or white areas of the skin become protruded.

These can spread to different parts of the body and lasted an average of 6.8 days.

The authors warned against trusting it in face value as a byproduct of coronavirus, for such conditions may have been triggered by complications in the aftermath of contracting the virus. An additional warning against self-diagnosis was given out by the doctors.


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