Metro News: Millions of passengers of Delhi-NCR can get speed gift, all three metros are ready

Metro News: Millions of passengers of Delhi-NCR can get speed gift, all three metros are read

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New Delhi, Online Desk. Delhi Metro News: The way industrial activity has started in Delhi-NCR and it is expected to pick up pace in the coming days. Obviously, the need of public transport system will be felt rapidly. In such a situation, Delhi Metro, which has become the lifeline of Delhi-NCR, is also ready to operate. Not only this, Gurugram Rapid Rail running under Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is also fully ready for operation. At the same time, there is also complete preparation of the Aqua Line Metro, which will be speeding between Noida-Greater Noida. It is being told that the three metros (Delhi Metro, Gurugram Rapid Rail Metro and Aqua Line Metro) have made complete preparations with the approval after the lockdown is over. In such a situation, good news is coming soon for more than 50 lakh passengers traveling in the Metro trains of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.


Metro trains have started more than 3500 rounds


The preparation of Delhi Metro can be gauged from the fact that metro trains run in limited numbers daily. Its purpose is to test technical flaws. The DMRC itself gave this information on its 26th Foundation Day on 3 May.


Aqua line also metro ready


The aqua line running from Delhi to the adjoining city of Noida to Greater Noida is also ready to speed up after the lockdown ends. There were no problems during the operation, so even during lockdown from time to time, it is increasing from Noida to Greater Noida.

Gurugram Rapid Rail is also scheduled to be operated

For more than six months, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is also operating Gurugram Rapid Rail. In such a situation, if the Delhi Metro starts operating, then Gurugram Rapid Rail will also start operating. Let us know that through the Gurugram Rapid Metro Rail running in Gurugram, more than 60,000 people travel daily on normal days. Gurugram Rapit Metro Rail is closed as the lockdown begins.

Also know

Delhi Metro trains will now have 8 coaches instead of 6. By the end of the year 2021, 8 coaches will be installed in all metro trains on the three old corridors. The biggest benefit from this will be that while the metro will get more passengers, the journey of passengers will be more comfortable.It is noteworthy that at present, about 5 million people travel daily in the metro. After the completion of Phase III projects, the metro network in Delhi NCR has increased to 377 kilometers and the number of metro stations to 274.

The metro has emerged as a major mode of public transport, not only in the capital but also for movement between the cities of Delhi to NCR. Because of this, a large number of professionals travel by metro between the cities of Delhi and NCR. In such a situation, 2 additional coaches will be added in the metro of each coach.

Apart from these 80 coaches, 40 coaches are to be purchased. In this way, about 120 coaches are planned to be extended on the old lines. After this, all trains on the old lines of Delhi Metro will become eight coaches. Currently, there are 336 metro trains in the Delhi Metro network, of which around 2200 coaches are being used.

Delhi metro reaches Delhi Metro

The Delhi Metro, which ran for a few millimeters starting from Shahdara to Tisahjari in Delhi in 2002, is also serving Noida, Ghaziabad, Bahadurgarh, Gurugram and Faridabad today.



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  • Metro News: Millions of passengers of Delhi-NCR can get speed gift, all three metros are ready
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